winLIFE 4.0.2

is available for download. What is new related to 4.0.1:


  • Create, Edit, Delete node-sets and element-sets.
  • Visualisation of perspective is possible in three different steps.
  • Graphic failure showing faces is fixed.
  • Seam weldings for hot spot concept and structural concept are found automatically if different faces are linked to different properties.


  • If there are several load cases with different related stress gradients for each node the maximum stress gradient is used to modify the local S-N-curve.
  • Ks~ from FKM-guideline is limited to a minimum of 1 ( FKM formula chapter 4.3.2 ).
  • In the QUICK CHECK module the input mask for the stress components has been corrected.
  • In the uniaxial case the automatic calculation of the upper and lower limit is performed now in the same way as in the multiaxial case. This means that the lower limit now can be greater than 0.
  • Correction of the value bg for GS from 20000 to 2000. bg is needed for the calculation of the support value according to FKM for the material GS (casted steel).

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