The integrated post-processor (additional module) VIEWER4WINLIFE simplifies the presentation of results, because only a few mouse clicks are necessary to display the iso-lifes. The FE model, i.e. the FE mesh with its coordinates, and the calculation results are read in completely.

Of course it is also possible to display the winLIFE results in the post-processor of the FE program. For this however a change from winLIFE to the post-processor of the FE-program is necessary and the result file of winLIFE must be opened and read in in the FE-post-processor. Depending upon used post-processor this is more or less complex.

To start the viewer, select from the menu

Result / Viewer

and the following picture appears:

Viewer showing results of the equivalent amplitude


The entire structure is displayed with the results. You can select between:

  • Damage sum 
  • Utilization rate
  • Equivalent amplitude 

Furthermore you can 

  • Select areas for the display
  • Assign certain properties (attributes) to nodes and/or elements:
    Weld seam class (FAT)
    Sheet thickness
    Surface roughness
    Welding seam number
    Surface layer factor
    Protective layer factor
    Fatigue strength,
    Wöhler line inclination
    These attributes then affect the fatigue life calculation
  • Create node lists that can be used for subsequent calculations

The Viewer enables the user to

  • Perform a wide range of parameter studies without heaving to leave winLIFE
  • Define groups of nodes and/or elements that can be used in the analysis or further calculations

Actions common in postprocessors are also supported in VIEWER4WINLIFE.

The speed of display in VIEWER4WINLIFE is increased by generating a file during the first read-in, which allows a significantly increased speed during subsequent operations.