Our 3 products

winADAM. In 1982 our Transfer Centre was founded in Ulm located in the south of Germany. We started to develop and use tools for the design of vehicle drivelines. A measurement system was built, which we used worldwide to collect driving behaviour of vehicles under real conditions.  (winADAM=Automated DAta collection in Mobile Use).

winEVA. We performed computer simulations based on the collected data and got results for the fuel consumption, pollutions and fatigue life. (winEVA=Electronic data Programs for Vehicle fuel efficienecy, pollutions and fatigue life)

Advanced computer technology and the resulting computation speed enabled to do real time regulation of test rigs for powertrains under real driving conditions using winEVA. A real time sampling up to 4000 Hz is possible and you can take into account high dynamic effects. Leading automotive companies and automotive suppliers in Europe use winEVA.  

winLIFE. Reliability and fatigue life is an important target in the automotive industry and the simple use of the Tools is an important requirement to achieve a deep penetration in the development process. winLIFE enables an easy use of the establishe fatigue theory and also reduces the development time by giving an easy and simple access to the data of winADAM and winEVA.   

Successfull calculation methodes from automotive engineering are also usefull in other fields like aerospace, windturbines, power stations, plant construction, railway and defense technology.