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As the developer of winLIFE software, customer satisfaction is very important to us. We have been selling winLIFE directly to end users for over 30 years. This means that you have direct contact with the developers. We also carry out fatigue analysis projects. We advise and support you individually via videoconference and also on site, so that even the most difficult questions can be solved quickly and easily.


winLIFE Reseller

You can purchase winLIFE directly from Steinbeis or from the following authorised resellers. These resellers have been trained by us and will support you to the best of their ability.


SMART Engineering has been distributing winLIFE for more than 20 years, especially together with FEMAP, and also provides user support for winLIFE. In close cooperation, customer requests are handled competently and solutions are offered. Joint presentations at scientific conferences have been successfully carried out.



The engineering office for mechanical engineering has outstanding competence in the field of simulation with ANSYS, FEMAP and RECURDYN. Joint presentations at scientific conferences, joint development order and several one-week in-house seminars in English at customers' premises in Europe have been carried out with exceptionally positive customer feedback.



SmartCAE offers a wide range of CAE services and has been a winLIFE reseller for Italy for many years.



Cosmos-Italy specialises in multiphysics simulations and is a successful winLIFE reseller. As a FEMAP distributor, the connection of winLIFE to FEMAP is of course the main focus.


Spain and Portugal

The Managing Director of Iberisa, Mr Blas Molero, is a tireless and enthusiastic user of winLIFE. He has found attractive solutions to his customers' problems and introduced winLIFE to the Iberian Peninsula.



Ablemax has been distributing winLIFE in Korea for more than 10 years. Ablemax employees are in close contact with the development of winLIFE and have been to Germany several times for individual training. A winLIFE seminar in Korean has been developed by Ablemax.


Singapore and India

DYN3D Technologies is a leading company in engineering, simulation and numerical modelling. Consulting and close customer contact enable customised solutions. With DYN3D Technologies we have gained a competent partner for the distribution of winLIFE in Singapore and India.
DYN3D Technologies